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Concert 30.07.2021 | Kalamata Music Days | lamda ensemble

λ-ensemble in trio

Natalia Gerakis • flute
Alexis Karaiskakis- Nastos • cello
Lefki Karpodini • piano


Humanity has been a witness to cosmological phenomena ever since its’ appearance on earth. Natural Phenomena –Φysics– mostly beyond human’s control, and not-explainable Metaphysical Phenomena –Meta- Φysics– compose an endless route and reflect the wisdom of the universe. The concert series Meta- Φysics consists of programs performed each time by different members of the λ-ensemble. It includes works inspired by such phenomena as sunrays, rainfall, snow-crystals falling, forest sounds, mammalian voices, ghost stories, souls of dead calling, demon steps, magic and spells, dreams, … It is about a crossing through our cosmos translated into sounds, focusing on music of the 20th and 21st century.

The program includes works by:

Leoš Janáček
George Crumb
Andrea Tarrodi
Minas Borboudakis
Xingzimin Pan

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